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My personal definition of macrobiotics is “eating clean for your organs.”  Everything you put in your body should be balancing“yin and yang” as well as strengthening.


The Macrobiotic lifestyle has healing properties and can also strengthen the digestive system, increase in energy, improve complexion, boost the immune system, and improve overall quality of life.


Macrobiotic means “great life,” and the concept is to eat whole grains and veggies as our staple food as well as organic, local, seasonal produce that have a balancing effect on our bodies.  The goal is to keep our blood alkaline (not acidic) to heal and prevent sickness.


There are specific foods that should or should not be combined in order to keep our bodies in balance.  Following a macrobiotic lifestyle includes specific cooking methods, sea veggies, and cooking utensils that all have an effect on our bodies.


This is how Macro Mama Baby Foods was created!

Contact us for questions or to place a special order

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