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Macro Mama foods - Purees for the second brain!


A place where you can come for quick tips, ideas, and balanced ways to support the natural growth and development of our kids.

My name is Stephanie! My husband Josh and I have three kids that we are raising to live a natural lifestyle with the best food choices possible. We are teaching them to balance food in healthy ways without being "good food vs bad food". We are plant based without a label and follow macrobiotic principles. After years of studying Macrobiotics and Alternative therapy, I have devoted my career to helping people incorporate concepts that can change lives. I am so excited to finally be bringing my perspective and knowledge to other parents and caregivers looking to make changes towards a balanced health and true wellness. We are not stamped with a label when we are born with a diagnosis, real lifestyle changes can change your lineage. You are in charge if you turn the gene switch on or keep it turned off. It begins with the breath followed by the foods to support our organs and the natural processes. Macro Mama Foods was created after my first daughter was born. I felt the need to get this food to other parents. We live in a chaotic high energy world where our food is overly processed because of the quick and convenient factor.

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